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Marissa Alexander denied 'stand your ground' hearing



Marissa Alexander has been denied a new Stand Your Ground hearing. Yet again, Florida refuses to free this survivor of domestic violence, fails to support women’s right to self defense, and continues to support anti-black racism in the judicial system. Her new trial is still scheduled to begin Dec 8th.

Marissa needs your voices and support more than ever!
Standing Our Ground Week of Action is still on!
July 25-Aug 1: LET’S TAKE ACTION!


stellaluna8 asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you still have that sundress that you posted about on transclothesswap? I saw the pic of it on your blog and it looks really nice.

Hello! I still have everything I posted. Are you talking about the black and purple dress or a different dress? In any case I’m out of the country and can’t ship for a week.


Anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm white and I want to make sure I'm inclusive and supportive of poc, do you have any tips or a poc-related ally-101 I could look for? Also, is it appropriate for me to reblog posts about poc-related subjects?


hey i wonder if there is something like that too 

go read the articles of a timeline from racefail 

and then do your own homework i’m not your mom 


People of Color (PoC) encounter the following on a regular basis: they’re online or in real life and suddenly a white person, who barely understands privilege or racism, is demanding that they educate them regarding the topic. The white person says, in essence, “Hi! What can I do to help fix racism?” or “Hi! Can you explain racism to me?” or “Hi! What’s this ‘privilege’ stuff?”

Understandably, the PoC says, "Google. You know how to use it." They say this because they’re real people, who have real lives and commitments and other things they need to do, and they weren’t born to go around educating white people who want to sit on their ass and have an education handed to them on a silver platter.

And then the white person gets butt-hurt because all they want to do is learn and they’re trying to educate themselves and that PoC is being so mean to them! And then they sulk about it and often post about how they’re trying to learn and become better people but damn it, PoC are so hostile, all that does is teach whites to shut up and sit down! And the white person fails to understand that the PoC wasn’t saying, “You’re a moron, shut up and sit down,” they were saying, “Look, I don’t have time to teach you. It’s not my responsibility to give you Racism 101. Go educate yourself, the resources are out there.”

TIP #1: stop asking poc to do work for you or spoon feed you an education 












Sometimes I get confused when people say Tiana is the first POC princesses when in fact she’s not. There are other pigments of the skin then just black and white.

This is why I hate the term PoC

You hate the term “people/person of color” because people will mistakenly use it in regards to just black people when it actually includes a variety of races and ethnicities (which also includes black people)?

Or is it maybe something else?

Basically. It just lumps a bunch of diverse ethnicities into one group, thereby erasing any originality they had; all for the sake of turning things into games of whites vs non-whites.
OP brings up an excellent example of this, Mulan is way older than Tiana and is by definition, A person of color, as is jasmine.

Then, by the same logic, “white” works the same way: erasing different cultural identities and ethnicities within a single racial group to create a monolith. 

A lot of times, “people of color” is used as a term of solidarity as well as being all inclusive to people of non-white races and backgrounds. When you group people together in any kind of general term, it doesn’t erase their individuality; it;s just a quick way to identify a group without having to necessarily list every single indentifier. General terms are general terms. Not to mention the term "people of color" wouldn’t need to exist had white people already not tried to separate themselves in the first place.

And all the OP is bringing up is the fact that there are people who don’t understand what the term means, not any issues with the term itself.

I agree, white is a racist term. While I am perfectly willing to admit terms such as white and PoC are not inherently bad, they do kind of take away a sense of individuality.
Actually no. White is not a racist term. Asian is not a racist term, nor is black. PoC is racist because it’s lumping ethnic groups that have nothing to do with each other together, for no other reason than that they are not white.
Segregation is not something limited to the US or white people. Parts of china are vary anti-white, the people of Rwanda turned against each other because of bad blood between tribes, imperial Japan segregated much of the land they conquered. Is it right what the white Americans did? No, absolutely not, and I’m glad we are Turing away from that line of thinking. Is it something only white people do? No.
You yourself point out another racist flaw with PoC. You describe it as “all inclusive to for people of non-white races and backgrounds”. The fact that you isolate white people automatically makes it not all inclusive. Also, this way of thinking is vary similar to segregation; in that you are separating whites from non-whites; albeit with different motivations, yet the same results in terms of vernacular (as it appears to me).
It’s turning things into a game of us vs them, of whites vs non-whites, and that is why it’s racist.
You don’t have to agree with me, and while I may not like the term, I see why other people do. I cannot stop you from using PoC, and I have no wish to force you to do something you clearly don’t want to do.

I’m still not seeing the logic here, forgive me. I’m really not seeing how “people of color” is racist. It’s not a term used to separate white from non-white people (which is a tricky term in itself because not all non-whites are people of color), at least not in the same sense of segregation that you’re alluding to. That would mean that people of color would have the desire and power to enact a separatist society against white people, but this is not the case.

The reason I say it’s an all inclusive term for non-white people is that in America, people of color at at a major disadvantage socially and politically (as well as some other avenues of privilege) compared to  white people. American society is structured in such a way that the interests of white people are constantly upheld and people of color struggle for a foot hold. Now there are definitely races that are more successful at assimilating into the larger culture, but it really is just proof of the closer one is to whiteness, the more you’re deemed acceptable.

And there is an inclusive term for all races: people.

Sorry, but I cannot agree that using an umbrella term is anywhere near the same lines as institutionalized racism and oppression.And I wouldn’t compare American racial segregation to anti-white sentiment in China (maybe to imperial Japan since it’s sort of a similar situation). American racial segregation was institutionalized racism that was born from colonization and slavery. It was a deliberate system put in place to disenfranchise and basically dehumanize people. And China has anti-Western sentiment in general, it’s not just aimed at white people. Also, it’s not as if China has the same social and political structures that America has in place that keep other races from progressing. China is mainly a racially homogeneous country whereas America is not.

And this is where a loose interest. The belief in institutionalized racism is absurd, if such a thing existed things like affirmative action and scholarships aimed specifically at “PoC” as you call them would not exist. If “PoC” we’re at such a disadvantage people like Thomas Sowell would not be where they are now, and last i checked (admittedly a while ago) black women were the most educated demographic in America. I won’t deny racism exists, hell I’d be willing to concede to the idea of institutionalized mistreatment of the poor, but the idea of institutionalized racism is nothing more than something that crawled out of a tumblr users victim complex. Believe what you wish, but I don’t buy it.

Ok, so during segregation, the Jim Crow Laws,which specifically made it legal to dehumanize and disenfranchise racial groups of people in the America was not in any way institutionalized or planned? So, tumblr just made it up? I guess they just made up slavery, the Indian Removal ActChinese Exclusion Act, The Japanese Internment camps of WWII, and  Mexican Repatriation.

And yeah, the main group that benefits from affirmative action is white women. Also, programs like affirmative action and scholarships for specific groups aren’t proof that things are fine or equal: they’re an attempt to level the playing field due to previous years of racial discrimination, and even then, they’re not really working. If anything, programs made specifically to help people of color in general are proof of a power imbalance racially.

And the study of structural oppression as it affects people of color and other marginalized groups is nothing new. Find a book, take a college course, watch a video, find reputable sites: this isn’t something tumblr made up. It’s just the first place you heard it.

And I will choose to believe it because I live it. Trust me, racism is a lot more than people being mean to you based on your looks or skin color: it goes deeper than that. You can’t possibly understand racism until you understand just how much society plays a part in it.

I stopped reading after the first paragraph because you listed things that were outlawed decades ago.

Yep, because if something happened long ago it’s no longer valid and shouldn’t be at all analysed and studied to see what impact it might have on our current culture.

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